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Kushal Technologies
Kushal Technologies
Gokhalenagar, Pune, Maharashtra
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Our Products

Quanta SMF BatteriesYes! I am interested
Under our panel, we also prepare and supply a world-class range of AGM VRLA batteries. Our offered range of batteries is prepared using high quality raw material, advanced technology and latest equipment. These batteries are in compliance with industry standards of quality. Moreover, our batteries are energy efficient and ensure longer service life. We make available our valuable range at market leading rates. Features and Benefits:
• Using oxygen recombination technology: totally maintenance-free
• Pb-Ca-Sn alloy for plate grids providing for low gassing and low self-discharge
• Superior quality AGM separator for extended cycle life
• Deep cycle capabilities
• Flame-retardant PP materials used for containers and lids for 2V systems
• Flame retardant Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) boxes and lids for 12V systems
• Low self discharge rate and
• High quality inter-cell copper connectors for improved electrical conductivity. Application-2V Series:
• Tell-communication application (fixed or cellular)
• Solar photovoltaic application
• Network communication, data transmission, signaling, etc.
• Uninterruptable Power System (UPS). Design life (on float voltage @ 200C):
• 2 Volts: 20 years plus Conforms to:
• JIS 8707C
Exide SMF BatteryYes! I am interested
Exide Power safe SMF Battery (7Ah to 200 Ah)

Features: -

Sealed Maintenance Free
No need for checking electrolyte level and topping throughout its life.

Sealed construction ensures no leakage or seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casing.

Free from Orientation Constrains
The sealed construction with immobilized electrolyte allows the battery to be installed in any position, horizontal, vertical, sideways - without any effect on its performance.

Eco Friendly
The unique gas recombination technology effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use. It is totally eco friendly, ensuring clean and safe environment.

Minimal Voltage Drop
Since the battery emits no gases or fumes, it can be placed adjacent to the UPS System or other electronic equipment, ensuring minimal voltage dorp between battery and equipment.

Easy Handling - Easy Installation
Lightweight and compact. Modular construction, easy to install and easy to connect and commission.

Ready to Use
Available in fully (factory) charged condition.

Good Service Life
Between 3 to 5 years life for small and medium monobloc range (EP Range) depending on cyclic / float applications.

Low Self Discharge
Self discharge very low as compared to conventional flooded battries.

Charge Retention & Recovery
Excellent charge retention and recovery ability due to special design of plates and separators with an absolutely balanced electrolyte.

Superior High Rate Discharge
Very low internal resistance and very high electrolyte - active material reactive interface - allows very high currents for short and medium duration.

High Reliability
Tough construction and heavy duty design with superior corrosion resistant lead calcium tin alloy.

Advantages: -
Emerson Online UPSYes! I am interested
Liebert Emerson UPS systems is true double conversion online UPS systems designed to provide with a capacity of from 1kva - 4800kva units feature total isolation of the load from the mains - isolating input and output sections, and making the systems ideal for Data Networks / Small Data Centers/VOIP Applications application. The units support hot standby configuration, making them suited for critical applications like banks


APC Online UPSYes! I am interested

We are engaged in offering our clients a comprehensive range of UPS Systems. UPS System products are procured from reliable vendors and are specially designed with voltage regulators to avoid the current fluctuations and LEDs to display power information. Our UPS System's product range is available in different models and is also tailored as per our clients’ specifications.

We are one of the best UPS System Supplier in Pune

Microtek Online UPSYes! I am interested
We are renowned and trusted enterprises in the industry, offering a best quality array of Online UPS to our esteemed customers.


LED Video WallYes! I am interested

A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, DLP tiles, andrear projection screens.

Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in order to minimize mullion, the gap between active display areas, and are built with long-term serviceability in mind. Such screens often contain the hardware necessary to stack similar screens together, along with connections to daisy chain power, video, and command signals between screens.A command signal may, for example, power all screens in the video wall on or off, or calibrate the brightness of a single screen after bulb replacement.

Reasons for using a video wall instead of a single large screen can include the ability to customize tile layouts, greater screen area per unit cost, and greater pixel density per unit cost, due to the economics of manufacturing single screens which are unusual in shape, size, or resolution.

Video walls are sometimes found in control rooms, stadiums, and other large public venues, such as Oakland International Airport's baggage claim, where patrons are expected to observe the display at long distances. Video walls can also benefit smaller venues when patrons may view the screens both up close and at a distance, respectively necessitating both high pixel density and large size. For example, the 100-inch video wall located in the main lobby of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center has enough size for the distant passerby to view photos while also providing the nearby observer enough resolution to read about upcoming events.

Simple video walls can be driven from multi-monitor video cards, however more complex arrangements may require specialized video processors, specifically designed to manage and drive large video walls.There is also new software-centric video wall technology that uses ordinary PCs, displays and networking equipment.

Advertising LED Display ScreenYes! I am interested
We have developed LED displays in very innovative way for advertising in malls, commercial building, glass walls etc. These types of displays are generally used for mass advertising purposes. We deal in large outdoor and indoor multi color electronic LED displays, LED signs and LED Signage suppliers for major advertising campaigns. These are placed on highways, stadiums, arrival and departure gates on airport. LED displays for schools or shops and malls highlight their products and services.
LED Video VanYes! I am interested
We are offering LED Mobile Advertising Display Van to our valuable clients.


• One side waterproof P8 full color led screen.
• The other side advertising light box with subtitle.
• 5 cm composite steel box and wooden floor.
• Inside and outside the electric distribution box.
• Loop ventilation cooling system.
• Omar silent diesel generator.
• One industrial computer with the control system, 4 waterproof speakers, 1 amplifier, 1 console
Welcome to

Kushal Technologies

KUSHAL TECHNOLOGIES  is part of Karwa Family Business which comprises of: 

AROMA POWER – Distributors of AMRON QUANTA UPS Batteries.

KUSHAL TECHNOLOGIES itself offers Business solutions in the area of Online UPS, Inverters, Stabilizers, Battery Chargers. 
We also deal in LED Video Walls for Outdoor Advertisements & Indoor Events with brand neutral solutions complemented by efficient & proactive services.

KUSHAL TECHNOLOGIES is also into Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Machines & Service Bureau Useful in Automotive, Engineering, Electronic, Plastic, Consumer & Lifestyle Products, Design & Product Development, R & D Dept., Education etc.

KUSHAL TECHNOLOGIES has been diligently serving wide array of clients since 2006.
Our core ethos is Trust, Integrity and Excellence.  We are reputed as one of the most reliable and resourceful Solution & Service providers in the industry.


Kushal TechnologiesKushal Technologies



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Kushal Technologies
Kushal  (CEO)
No. F-13, B Building, Friends Park Senapati Bapat Road
Gokhalenagar, Pune - 411016 , Maharashtra , India
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